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What is the purpose of the Martinist Order? Our purpose as determined by Louis Claude de Saint-Martin and Dr. Gerard Encausse (also known as Papus): Reintegration of humanity (past, present, and future) to the place it occupied before the fall into the material world, through individual Reconciliation. The immediate goal is the individual Reconciliation necessary to restore communication between man and the Divine. The communication severed at the prevarication of Adam.

"The Order as a whole is especially a school of moral knighthood, endeavoring to develop the spirituality of its members by way of the study of the invisible world and its laws, by the exercise of devotion and intellectual assistance, and by the creation in each mind of a faith all the more solid because it is based upon observation and on science. Martinists do not do magic, neither white, nor black.

They study, they pray and they forgive insults as best they can".  ~Papus


The Martinist Order offers support to find meaning in life, a path to inner peace and a better relationship with others, with the state of happiness that results.

"The aim to attain is and will always be the spiritualisation of individuals and societies." - Jean Bricaud


The Order itself does not act in the world, but it allows each individual to do so in good conscience and on one’s own initiative. We do so without noise, without violence, but with humility, discretion, love and logic. The Order does not promote or offer "stances" particularly in politics, religion, or social venues.


Dr. Gerard Encausse / Papus 1891-1916

Charles Détré / Téder 1916-1918

Jean Bricaud 1918-1934

Constant Chevillon 1934-1944

Charles-Henry Dupont 1944-1960

Dr. Philippe Encausse 1960-1971

Irenee Séguret 1971-1974

Dr. Philippe Encausse 1975-1979

Emilio Lorenzo 1979-2016

Andre Gautier 2016-PRESENT

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