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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Martinism a Religion?

A: No, Martinism offers no dogma. Although it is a form of theosophy and has a spiritual basis in Christianity, members of any faith are welcome.

Q: Are both men and women welcome?

A: Yes, absolutely. We strive for diversity and welcome everyone regardless of sex, race, religion, or age.

Q: Is Martinism a part of Freemasonry? 

A: Martinism is not a part of Freemasonry.  Some other lineages require a membership to Freemasonry, but we do not.

Q: Does Martinism practice some kind of magic?

​A: No, Martinism does not practice or teach magic.

Q: Is Martinism a part of or associated with the Gnostic Church?

A: While it was true at one time in our past, Martinism is no longer a part of, nor associated with any Gnostic Church nor any other specific churches.

Group Meeting
Study and Discussion Groups Available In Person or Online

Locations and times for both public meetings as well as open online or streamed discussions will be posted in the Events section.

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